Touched down in San Fransico at 11am and the first US$ I spent bought a Giant Burrito… not to bad at all.

San Fransico airport, at least the terminal we are in, is pretty borring.  It was only meant to be a 5 hour stopover but that just turned into 6 after what hopefully is the first of only a small number of hicups on our travels.  Otherwise the flight was good so far.  We flew with the New Zealend Mauri rugby team on board who put it upon themsleves to try and consume all Vodka on the plane… at least they didn't talk about their win on Friday night too much (I'll miss you chris!)

A quality selection of inflight movies including 'Big Mommas House 2', 'The Pink Panther' and '8 Below'.  None of which I would recommend to you.

 I expected upon stepping out of the plane to be confronted with large and loud Americans but have yet to experience that, everyone has been very pleasent.  The toilets will take some getting use to (I won't go into details) and I am surprise how dry San Fran is for a costal city, it looks a lot like western NSW.

Thanks for reading, I hope I haven't bored you to much but writing this has helped pass some time in the airport.  I"ll make sure Gemma Writes tommorrow so she doesn't dissapoint her fans.

Till next timed,



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