Quick Update

Now at Skagway, our last stop on the cruise.

Have taken loads of photos and lots has happened in the last two days.  When we return to Vancouver (sunday) we will update the blog with our diary entries and upload some of the pictures for you to see.  But for now, we are safe and having a great time.

We enjoyed reading your comments, keep them coming.

Gemma and Simon

7 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. Hey Guys
    Sounds like your having a ball, so good to hear you have met a few interesting ppl along the way. Brad says Hi and we are going well only about 6 months to go hopefully and will get to see Dan again. Thinking of you always love kyles, Brad and Immy


  2. Can’t wait to see some of your photos, I have checked out some of the towns you mentioned and there are some spectacular scenes posted on the net. Keen to hear about activities on board, weather, food and fellow passengers. take care xoxo


  3. Hi Gem and Simon
    I have been checking out the web for the places you have visited, there are some spectacular scenes. I am also checking a web cam Kat Kam which is focused on a main bridge and bay in Vancouver, i am hoping to get a glimpse of The Norwegien Wind tomorrow. Love to you both Mum.


  4. Hi Gem and Simon, just watched the Norwegian wind pull into Vancouver – Canada Bay. I have found a few web cams, even watched from the bridge of the ship. Great sunrise. Have to love the internet how different it all is from 27 years ago. love to you both xxx


  5. Hey Simo and Gem, How is it all going? the photos you have taken are breathtaking, hope your having a great time! But your little nephew is wondering if you have seen any penguins at all? that was all he was saying while looking at your photos apart from “cold” his a smart cookie… thinking of you love kyles


  6. No penquins, sorry kyles. Plenty of seals though. Were in a backpacker in vancouver now. Will be here today and tommorrow (our monday) and then were going to try and hit Victoria (Vancouver Island) for a few nights depending on the costs. So we should be online a bit over the next few days.

    Brad was right, very cold. Say hi to everyone for me!


  7. Hi Simon and Gemma,

    Loving your work….

    Sounds like you two are having a great time! I wish I was there keeping you two company.

    Don’t forget to contact Dean and Sunil.



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