Cycling Stanley Park


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This would have to be up there with my favourite days – following Simon around Stanley Park on a bicycle!

I’m not much of an adventurer and I haven’t ridden a bike since I was about ten so I was a little unsure about how I and my butt would go riding a bike all day, but it was fantastic. The weather as you can see was glorious and the track follows the harbour shoreline giving uninterupted views for the entire trip.

We also rode over the Burrard St Bridge to Granville Island. The island (not really and island more of a peninsula) has a series of old warehouses converted into shops, markets, art galleries and what appeared to be a arts college. The whole place has a carnival feel to it and was a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

After a drink and some tri coloured corn chips (more on that later) we mounted our bikes for the ride home. As I said I did ok on the bike, except for one section of the ride and that was going back over the Burrard St Bridge. People often say ‘I almost had a heart attack’ when they are a bit short of breath – but I say to you I really did almost have a heart attack! Overall the day was really enjoyable and I would recommend that anyone visiting Vancouver should hire a bike and ride Stanley Park.

post script – 13/06/06: My butt is killing me!

One thought on “Cycling Stanley Park”

  1. Hi Gem, you should have looked in Katmandu for a special butt cushion. I am surprised you were heart attack material after all you dancing activities. take care Mum xoxo


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