Gem on top of Blackcomb
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

Gemma has already told you about our accommodation. Very nice, so we decided to stay 3 nights here. We haven’t actually done much though as it’s so easy to watch the days go by from the balcony on the chalet. We needed a good relax after running around Victoria so much anyway.

There seems to be plenty of things to do here if you have a mountain bike, ski’s or a lot of money to hire either of these things. Otherwise, the done thing appears to be to try and get a job that pays enough to live on. Reading the local paper it seems that this is the most expensive place to live in all of Canada. Housing is very expensive and all shops have aimed there pricing at cashed up tourists which is strange since half of the tourists are young thrill seekers with no money at all. There is a lot of construction and improvements going on too due to the upcoming winter Olympics that will be held here, no doubt that will help with the prices.

One of the other guys staying here recommended we take the gondola up to the top of Whistler Mountain. Sounded like a nice ride and was pretty cheap entertainment for 3 hours. Unfortunately, the Gondola isn’t running yet for some reason so we were told we could take the ski lift up Blackcomb Mountain instead. Whistler Village has two mountains that you can get lifts up right from the town and in winter I assume ski right up to. Blackcomb is still ski-able until well into June so Gemma got her first walk in the snow.

To get to the top is 2 chair lift rides, (we put our jackets on after the first), a short bus ride and then another chair lift. This takes about 45 minutes in total. Upon beginning the final lift it began to rain. We both had our gortex jackets so were fine up to, but our legs got a little cold and wet in only jeans. Thankfully, as we got closer to the top, the rain actually turned to snow. I didn’t think it would still be snowing at this time of year!

Other than this we lazed around near the lake and read books. Nothing else to tell really though we enjoyed it very much, we would stay longer and look for work but we might miss out on something better!

We are back off to Vancouver now for just the one night before continuing our moose tour into the rockies.


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