Go Karts at Revellstock

Go Karts at Revellstock

Originally uploaded by simmogem.

The evil grin on our bus driver’s face as we pulled into the Go Kart track in the middle of nowhere warned most of the 20 odd backpackers away from getting behind the wheel of these lawnmower powered rocket ships.

Safety doesn’t seem to be a big concern in Canada, as you can see the helmets squeezed upon my head offered protection that can only be compared with that of an ice cream tub (and equal comfort). Instructions by the manager were that it was okay to attack other karts from the side but no hitting people in the tail… the grin from Tania our Bus driver widens.

While Tania’s tactics will never win a race they would be right at home on a demolition circuit. When ever she was passed she would pull over to the side of the track and wait for an appropriate time to jam her kart into the side of whoever rounded the corner first. I managed to escape most of these attempts with only a minor excursion off road (which is also fine according to the manager) until the last lap. When flagged to pull into the parking lot I panicked and hit the brakes leaving myself exposed to a T-Bone from our friendly tour guide, a nice sized bruise can be seen on my thigh where it hit the steering wheel.

The photo shows Dale (from Queensland), myself and then Tania. If you click to see the bigger photo you can see anger in her eyes!



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