Diving at Horse Shoe Lake


Horse Shoe Lake dive
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

These photos were taken on our second visit to Horse Shoe Lake, we had gone once with Bryan on the Moose tour and a second time with Campbell on our way to Jasper. Both occassions Simon joined fellow passengers in leaping off the cliffs and into the water.

Whilst it is not clear from the photos the water at Horse Shoe Lake was a brilliant blue colour and so clear that at the waters edge you could easily see the bottom. Below where Simon isdiving though all you can see is dark descending blue as the lake is extremely deep. The water here is a bit warmer than Rampart Creek, about 8 -9 degrees.

I sat by the waters edge with my feet in and became the group’s designated photographer (this usually happens where the activity requires a bit of dare devil action).


One thought on “Diving at Horse Shoe Lake”

  1. Now that looks like my kind of fun! Not exciting enough for ya Gem? sounds like a nice place… happy jumping and will continue when the kids are alseep and have more time to wrtie.. all my love kyles


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