Ice found on Mars – Edith Cavell & Angel Glacier


Ice found on Mars
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

At least you could be fooled into thinking that from the photo.

As Gemma wrote, we have left the comforts of the Moose bus today and are travelling with a bus from the Hostel we will be staying at tonight. Strangely enough our driver is an Australian.

First stop is Edith Cavell Glacier. If you click on the image to the right you will see some photos of both Edith Cavell glacier, named as it sits on Mount Edith Cavell, and also Angel glacier, which resembles an angel with wings outstretched.

It is truly amazing that so much ice can exist in 30 degree heat. The chunk of ice in the image is actually about 2 metres tall and apparently has been sitting there for around a month following a small avalanche from Angel glacier.


2 thoughts on “Ice found on Mars – Edith Cavell & Angel Glacier”

  1. Hi Gem & Simon
    it looks more like a giant marshmallow than a chuck of ice. Have you stuck your tongue on the ice yet? Just wondering if it has the same affect as sticking your tongue on the ice in the frig freezer, you only do that once.
    Simon I hope you carried out a risk assessment before you approached that precarious looking ice boulder you tried to move.
    take care …mum


  2. Yep, risk was assessed and it was determined to be no more dangerous than go karting.

    Gemma tells me you speak from experience re: ice in the freezer…



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