Where are we?

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of updates. We have been staying in the bush were there isn’t even running water, let alone internet access for the past 3 days. We will get some more content up once we return to Banf and Calgary over the next few days.



3 thoughts on “Where are we?”

  1. hello campers,
    sounds like you have been in the depths of the wilderness, any bear sightings? Looking forward to your diary entry on the “no running water” Gem. Aunty Rhonda will get a giggle out of you roughing it (she still recalls you being an inside toddler.) take care Mum xoxox


  2. Dear Gemma and Simon,

    Sounds like the moose tour is in full swing. But have you seen any moose? I’m looking forward to seeing the photos, and listening to the call of the moose if the answer is yes. And, are there any gluten free products available in the wilderness?

    Really, just when you thought V I Lenin’s posts couldn’t get any more lame and undignified, he goes and surpasses himself effortlessly. I’ll put a saucer of (lite white) milk out for him.

    I hear from my sources in the NKVD that Comrade Lenin is currently on some sort of grand tour of Europe, including a visit to Madrid, that well known hotbed of Marxism. Say hello to your Franquist friends, V I, and why don’t you just bomb the crap out of Guernica while you’re at it?

    Via Condidos,


    PS Who is The Hummingbird? Most intriguing.


  3. No moose yet – just an elk, a chipmunk (actually lots of chipmunks), Squirrels, a black bear and the most exciting wild Canadian animal – a mountie!

    So still hunting Moose, although we have it on advice from the locals that they are more likley to be found on the East coast as they like wetlands and these environments are quite rare in the West.

    Look forward to Lenin’s commentary of his travels, trust he travelled comfortably. I see that the milk debate is heating up – waiting for the Hummingbirds contribution and surely Marx has something to say on the captalist structures that have led to the explosion of ridiculous milk options on the market. A2 all the way! (which by the way you can’t buy here and I refuse to join the Soy club!!)


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