Peyto Lake


Bryan, Simon and Peyto
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

What can one say about Peyto Lake other than breathtaking.

Instructed by Bryan that while walking to our lunch destination no one was to look to the right until we reached the point seen in these photos or they would be cursed with bad sex for the rest of their life. Regardless whether you believe such a thing to be true or not, you do whatever a 6 foot 11 inch tall man says. We must have looked quite a site walking along the mountain trail sheilding our face to the right, but nobody else was there to see it… apparently this viewpoint is a ‘moose secret’.

I can’t remember what Bryan was pointing to in the photo, but he was most likely saying something along the lines of ‘someone died over there’ which has been the case at almost all of our stops.

Gemma and I agree that this would have to be our favourite place in the Rocky Mountains. We relaxed here for about half an hour following our lunch with very few words spoken, just absorbing the views of the intense blue lake and snow capped mountains.

Make sure you click the photo to see some of the others. There is even a shot of a chipmunk that managed to stay still long enough for me to capture him.


4 thoughts on “Peyto Lake”

  1. Really enjoying all the updates and the photos. Peyto Lake looks quite awe-inspiring.

    Hot-tubbing with a couple of Swiss? Wow, you guys are getting pretty radical.

    Some post World Cup trivia – which philosopher said: “ In football, everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.” Much kudos will accrue to the first person who comes up with the correct answer.

    Best wishes,



  2. Congratulations Simmo, the kudos are on their way. Yes, it was indeed Jean-Paul bringing his very own existentialist bent to football.

    The “Red Neck Wedding” sounds a beauty. Which neatly leads us to your next research assignment.

    When, and in what circumstances was the term “red neck” first coined?

    Best wishes,


    PS The Flickr Photo Album is good.


  3. Well well, an interesting foray into Southern American history and the Scottish!

    Whilst many think its original usage was for white rural workers who would get sunburnt necks whilst in the fields we found a reference which suggests the term was coined much earlier in Scotland:


    The origins of this term Redneck are Scottish and refer to supporters of the National Covenant and The Solemn League and Covenant, or “Covenanters”, largely Lowland Presbyterians, many of whom would flee Scotland for Ulster (Northern Ireland) during persecutions by the British Crown. The Covenanters of 1638 and 1641 signed the documents that stated that Scotland desired the Presbyterian form of church government and would not accept the Church of England as its official state church.

    Many Covenanters signed in their own blood and wore red pieces of cloth around their necks as distinctive insignia; hence the term “Red neck”, (rednecks) which became slang for a Scottish dissenter*. One Scottish immigrant, interviewed by the author, remembered a Presbyterian minister, one Dr. Coulter, in Glasgow in the 1940’s wearing a red clerical collar — is this symbolic of the “rednecks”?

    Since many Ulster-Scottish settlers in America (especially the South) were Presbyterian, the term was applied to them, and then, later, their Southern descendants. One of the earliest examples of its use comes from 1830, when an author noted that “red-neck” was a “name bestowed upon the Presbyterians.” It makes you wonder if the originators of the ever-present “redneck” joke are aware of the term’s origins – Rednecks?



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