Last Chance to see a Redneck Wedding

As we drove into Wayne (peak population: 2700 – now: 42) the silence cried out for the trusty intro to a good ol’ country and western. The carpark was empty but the Last Chance Saloon appeared to be home to some locals whose eyes followed us as they sipped beer from old jam jars.

We headed straight for the garden for a can of pop but not before Simon and I had checked out the second hand store and bought the 1978 edition of the Calgary Stampede program, an event we hope to visit shortly.

The highlight of the visit to Wayne though was on exiting the saloon to see a stretch limo adorned with red and white carnations pull up out the front. The driver, a large man with a beard and a leather vest moved to the back of the car, placed his cigarette in the corner of his mouth and his beer can on the roof of the car to help out a bride sausaged in satin and carrying a bouquet of red carnations. Following her was the groom, in a crisp white shirt, black pants and white trainers – a whippet of a man, also clutching a can and balancing a cigarette on his lip as him gave us a beaming ‘I just got hitched’ smile. The party bounced into the Saloon whilst us tourists turned slowly, got in the bus and drove away.


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