Home away from home

For the past few days we have been staying at the HI hostel in Calgary and it is one of the nicest we have been to.  Unfortunatley though they are booked solid for the next two weeks, as are all the other hotels in town, so the only way we were going to be able to stay and see the Calgary Stampede is to find a more perminent place.  Our first Appartment together!

Finding an appartment to rent in Canada is difficult at the best of times as the real estate agents do not deal with rentals, only buying and selling.  So this means walking from building to building and trying to locate the building manager.

Things didn’t look good, especially as we wanted to move in the next day, a few people laughed at hearing me say that.  Calgary has a rental availability of about 2% apparently and everything works on Calander months so the few that had anything told us they might have something available begining of August – about 25 days too late.

After walking for a few hours around the streets of southern downtown calgary, we found a lady in an appartment building that was most helpful.  While she didn’t have anything available until about the 18 of July she was able to look up availabilities amoungst the network of buildings that she belongs too.  Amoungst the 15 or so buildings there were 2 appartments available.  We called the first to be told that it had been taken.  The second thankfully was available althought the manager said it wouldn’t be  ready for a week.  Better than anything else we had heard today!

A brisk 7 block walk to the building and we sat down to have the first of several chats with ‘Randy’ the building manager.  Randy is a nice guy, rides a honda, and after explaining our situation to him he took us up to see the room which had apparently been deserted the previous day.  Except for the Cheerios (breafast ceral) throughout the appartment it was very nice and within our budget too.  A quick walk down the road to withdraw a Deposit, sign some papers and it was ours.  He even managed to pull a few strings and has got the cleaners, painters etc in tommorow so we can move in tommorow night. 

Unfortunatley it is not a furnished appartment (furnished appartments are almost twice as expensive) so we may be sleeping on the floor but that is better than on the street.  Once again we are taught that when we strive for something on our own it is next to hopless untill we acknowledge we need help.  We have much to be thankfull for.

We will put some photos up of the inside shortly, in the photo above we are on the seventh floor, left side of the picture (top floor is 14th).   As to location we are about 10 minutes walk to the centre of downtown.  5 minutes to a busy street with cafes, bars and resturants

If anyone would like our address just send us an email as I’m not sure how wise it is to publish that on the internet.



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