George and Mildred


Arm chairs
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Success! Yesterday we went shopping and today we had our purchases delivered. It was quite an adventure getting our stuff, way out to the boon docks of North East Calgary, a train and bus ride to the Inter Faith Furniture Store. It took us a bit longer than a local as we missed our stop on the bus, but a friendly driver helped us out and we were back on our way.

As we entered the back of the warehouse it looked like a jumble sale of Dapto proportions. I wasn’t hopeful but Simon encouraged me inside where we were promptly grabbed by a sales women and bombarded with questions over what we wanted. ‘A bed’ she says, ‘right this way, Queens size, ensemble, and a base’. Simon tried to find out how much it was going to be but she put up her hand shooshing him and said ‘you need lots of things, I will make it a package’, but how much we insisted, ‘ah uh, its a package’. WIth this she was off, next was a fan, a coffee table, a bed side table – ‘sheets you want sheets?’, I put my foot down – no sheets, then it was the lounge. Outside we were thrown, ‘under the tarp, you pick a lounge’. We sifted and sorted through the maze of lounges and decided on these two arm chairs. Mine is the green rocker/recliner and Simon’s – well his is the big floral thing! They are both very comfortable and have suited our purposes.

So how much was the package? Guess! Simon will pass on his kudos from George (see blog on Peyto Lake) to the closest estimate. Those who already know – shoosh.

For our smaller items like pots, pans, and cutlery I headed down to the local Women in Need store which is a bit like a Vinnies. Also hit the downtown Sears and got our sheets!

5 thoughts on “George and Mildred”

  1. Now they look like comfy chairs.. You guys have done very well, I am also very thankfull for all your blessings on your many trips over there, also very happy you didn’t have to sleep on the street! I will try and convince Dan to get me a floral number like Simos seat. Brad likes your chair Simo says its “very pretty” love hearing about your tomfoolery over there cant wait for more.. All our love Kyles and Kids..xoxoxo


  2. I’m unable to claim credit for the kudos referred to – they actually belong to the enigmatically brilliant Leon Trotsky. But I’ll have a guess anyway – say $350?

    You are going to bring those armchairs back to Sydney, aren’t you?




  3. Unfortunatley not George, the armchairs must stay here in Calgary where they are most at home. If you really like them though I could enquire about shipping them over to your place!

    My apologies to Trotsky, what a poor error on my part – although kudos from you George would be right up there as well



  4. hi its dad
    everthing looks like its going realy well its good to see the photos im going to print some in a moment providing ivegot it wired up properly ibby likes the look of simons chair bring it back for her went dinner at the rock salt menai on wed chads last day realy good mealwere carryingon with the same team no new staff which is good news
    could not get on to d clathem are you sure no au on the end all the best dad


  5. Hey Dad,

    Simon and I have been to Rocksalt a few times – we like it. Ibby might have to fight George for the chair, he seems interested – Maybe I shoud hold an auction over the website!

    If you look on the right hand side of the screen back up the top you will see a thing called ‘Blogroll’. Under that is a list of blogs – click the one called ‘Moments from the life of Derek Clapham…’ That should get you there no problems.

    Have set you up an email account. Will write out the instructions and put them in the post.

    Take care


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