Calgary Stampede Parade


Calgary Stampede Parade
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

This morning Simon and I got up nice and early to watch the Stampede Parade. The march kicks off the Stampede fortnight and is quite a show. We could join the Parade about three blocks from our place but to get a seat we had to walk a few more. We stood behind a group who were all sitting in chairs so whilst we weren’t on the kerb we still had a good view – although it was very hot.

There were floats for everyone, the First Nations people (pictured), the Mounties, approx. 6 school marching bands, the Humane Ferret Society (there is a picture in there for you Stace). Big horses, tiny little horses, chuckwagons, some Australian polo players, dancers, singers, aeroplanes and of course a Canadian Pacific Railway train. (Canada was built on the CPR). We didnt see the entire parade, much to long and it was much to hot, but we certainly got a feel for a good ol’ fashioned Canadian parade.


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