Super Dogs Spectacular!

I thought this was a hoot – Simon’s failure to comment and the title he gave the photo give you a good idea what he thought of the Calgary Stampede Super Dogs. But for me this was just like a ballroom dancing competition, except with less bitches – truly most of the dogs were male.

With loud dance music, flashing lights and loads of sequins and diamonte collars this show had it all. My favourite, the Rumba, where the dogs danced there way through a maze of flags and tunnels to be greeted by there overzealous handlers at the other end (Stage Mums!!).

Having said that I would not trade the dignifed and refined cattle dogs of the Royal Agricultural Show for this type of show – after all we already have Dancing with the Stars, I think that is enough ballroom to last us a life time.

One thought on “Super Dogs Spectacular!”

  1. hi Gem and Simon,
    love your pics, very colourful parade looks like a lot of excitement going on….not sure about the ferret though looks more like a rat lol mine are more photogenic. Everyone here in Grafton sends their love. Your first “home” is looking cosy. keep having a ball love u xoxox


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