Do you have organic himalayan sea salt?

Given the exchange rate and the fees for changing Australian dollars into Canadian ones we thought it was about time we started earning the dollars direct. Simon is still hunting for the perfect job, I took the first thing coming – Produce Clerk at the Community Food Store. Nothing like a bit of fruit and veg to make you feel alive in the mornings – especially with the 7am starts! Not all of my shifts start that early, but enough of them.

The job is not too bad, basically shifting fruit from fridge to shelf all day. It doesn’t pay particularly well – $10 an hour, but apparently that is good for Canada. One guy I work with has three jobs at the moment and this one is his best paying! But I have been given hope – the Manager says that after my first three months I get a raise, wait for it, – to $10.50!!

One benefit is the staff discount on gluten free products, 10%, which makes a difference on the bread and flour. The shop is bascally all organic (Melanie you would love it!) and the customers vary from hippies to yuppies. One thing I have learnt though is that Canadians are very fussy about their food, even the regular supermarket has a large organic range. Some customers have been very shocked to hear that Australian’s would regularly serve their children vegetables that had been sprayed with pesticides – you heathens you!

And yes we do have Himalayan sea salt (are the Himalayas by the sea?), my favourite though is the biodynamic cherries, organic and planted in line with the luna cycles! I dunno…


7 thoughts on “Do you have organic himalayan sea salt?”

  1. Dear Daughter,
    I cannot allow these Canadians to take advantage of your lack of scientifice knowledge.
    I expect you to henceforth ernestly debate with any customer who asks for” Organic Himalayan Sea Salt” that salt from any sourse on earth is more correctly halite (if speaking to a geologist) or Sodium Chloride (if speaking to a chemist) and is never organic because it doesn’t contain carbon.
    Tell them they are getting diddled by some yanee snake-oil salesman


  2. hi gem no sea salt but we will have new neighbours soon theve finally sold next door will break the new ones in by xmas works going really good no new manager the finance controlers doing his job i must be doing something right even magic comes in to talk to me now allisons ordered my new summer wardrobe she even lets me on her computer now so i can check out all the freebies i put a lot of your photos in the scrapbook hoping to print them but the cannons not compatable with the os9 toms just bought a lap top so i may be able to get them put on a disc i am getting good at this now i bet you cant tell when i started using two fingers the new neighbour will if he doesnot keep his noise down hopefully he may be deaf and dumb

    all the best to you both episode three next week dad


  3. hi gem 6 aug i made it back googling not bad for a novice i am just going to make a coffee
    then i will go for the big time my first e mail
    stressfully yours dad


  4. Hey Dad,

    Just got on Yahoo – they have changed the site since I wrote those instructions, but it is ok, the only thing that has changed is the first bit.

    So after you go to

    You will see on the left hand side, under the heading Yahoo7 a button – My Mail

    Click that and the rest should be as I wrote it.

    If all else fails, pack up the computer and take it to work,

    Best of luck


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