Working 9 to 5…

chintzA few weeks ago, as Simon graciously explained, I gave the community food store the flick. It didn’t take long before I felt inspired to give something else a go and here I am – a home design associate with Chintz and Co. Basically we sell everything and anything for home decorating. I work in the table top section, lots of dinner settings, glassware, napkins etc (For more info

I have just completed my first week there and have enjoyed it – although my feet are killing me. Hard concrete and tile floors do not go well with heels!

For those wondering where it is – our units are half a block to the left and Simon’s work is next door on the right. Its a small world we live in but come winter I will appreciate it. 


One thought on “Working 9 to 5…”

  1. gemma
    i looked at your shop web-site it looked quite good i lked the Italien table ware Lets have a new topic & answer your E-Mails quicker



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