Hummingbird Chicken a success!

Hummingbird Chicken

Originally uploaded by simmogem.

Whilst Neil Perry might not serve this up, the Hummingbird’s recipe for Cornflake Chicken was a mighty succes in this Lawrence household.

A bit of lemon pepper seasoning to the cornflakes was all that was needed for this easy and scumpious dinner. The Hummingbird has out done herself and I shall be adding this to the family favourites cookbook. Those concerned it maybe a little dry need not worry, the chicken was moist and tender (but this may have been the cook – Simon).

The recipe can be found under our blog on Cornflakes.



One thought on “Hummingbird Chicken a success!”

  1. Well even though I do see myself as a bit of a Jaime Oliver (I won’t identify myself with that hussy in the kitchen – Nigella!) Unfortunately the credit for this has to go to one of my faithful Womens Weekly cookbooks. I know you’ve often heard me extolling the virutes of WW cookbooks (the test kitchen triple test – need I say more?) and I currently have a collection of about 15 books (I bought best food desserts recently!) I’ll have to scan through some of my books like ‘take 5 ingredients’ and ‘after work cookbook’ to find some more tasty delights to send over to you! Hope you are having a great time – I’ve since heard that you’ve moved towards a career in homewares Gemma. Hope your not thinking going to use the sales techniques of Prue and Trude off Kath and Kim!


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