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The Canadian equivilant of Krispy Kremes, Tim Hortons is a bit of an icon here. Ever since our first day on the Moose bus on-route to Whistler we have been told that it is in one of ‘Timmy’s’ stores that you really experience Canada.

Miles Gilbert ‘Tim’ Horton was a Canadian Hockey player born in 1930. In 1964 he opened his first coffe and donut store, but it wasn’t until a friendly policeman walked in (a cop that likes donuts??) and offered to become partner that things really took off.

There are now over 1500 stores across Canada. Sadly though, Mr Horton never lived to see any of this success as he ran himself off a road in his exotic sportscar in 1974. The jolly ex-policeman has since sold the chain to American Hamburger chain Wendys.

So how are the donuts…. Well I’m writing home about them so they must be  good. The coffee is pretty terrible though.



6 thoughts on “Timmy's”

  1. I am concerned that with Gemma away for a week that you are planning on living on donuts. May I remind you that your middle name is not Homer and I don’t want you home in “Simpson shape”. I would also prefer Gemma without the blue hair.


  2. We couldn’t Aunty Denise, that’s why we got a box of six! My favourite is the sour cream glazed, second place goes to the chocolate donut (the actual donut is chocolate) and third honey glaze.


  3. Gemma – remember it is simon-homer that loves donuts. Marge has a nice non donut shape but that blue hair! Have a great week away – and tell Simon that absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder.
    BTW have you noticed that it your food post that seem to get the most responses!
    Simon I want some photo musings


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