Where's Gemma?

Given my usual blogging activity some of you maybe wondering what has happened to me and my little excursions. Well I have left Simon in Calgary and have gone to Toronto!

I am attending the 48th Biennial Convention of the International Association of Firefighters as a representative of the Union and doing a bit of research. So far I am having a great time, learning a lot and meeting some wonderful people. A few things of interest have been the opening ceremony, performances from American and Canadian Idols and an address from New York Senator Hillary Clinton. I left the laptop at home with Simon so will I wait till I get back to Calgary (September 1st) to give you all the full report


One thought on “Where's Gemma?”

  1. Hi Gem
    Did you manage to keep your job at Chintz
    its quite an acheivement to have an address from Hilary travelings fun eh im off to sunny Sylvania on the weekendive got to go ive still got a lot of packing to do have fun


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