Kimbykoo turns 21


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On the 2nd of September 1985 Kimberley Ann joined us and now 21 years later we get to say a big Happy Birthday!

Just as she will this weekend, Kimberley had a lot of fun growing up, and in a number of ways my life would have been very dull had she not come along. From drawing all over mirrors with lipstick to chatting up policemen at my hens night, Kimby has made sure that there is a little bit of cheekiness in all that we did. I want to take the time on her 21st birthday to let her know how proud I am of her and her many achievments. She has come so far in 21 years and has been a true and treasured blessing to Simon and I, both as a sibling and a friend. We wish we there to celebrate with you and we know you will have a wonderful time!

Oh and a word of advice from your big sister – let mum blow up the balloons!


5 thoughts on “Kimbykoo turns 21”

  1. Its a long climb to 21 and now that you have reached the summit I wish for you dear Kimberley a slow, exciting and wonderful safe journey to your golden always Mum.


  2. hey Gem and Simon,
    sorry u had to miss a good night, we were thinking of you though lol kimberley had a great night maybe regretting those “shots” but hey what the heck it was her 21st i think your mum was reliving her 21st as well a couple of stories to tell you there as well lol lol we all had a great time!
    love you xoxo


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