The Illusionist


Its a slow day at vistek today as the rain has begun to fall so I have time to write a short review of a movie we saw yesterday.  Gemma and I finally have managed to get a few days off at the same time lately.  This is as much a review of a North American Cinema experience as it is of the movie though.

A short ride on the C-Train took us to the Paramount Cinemas at Chinook.  They are fairly new cinemas and have an Imax screen which was showing Superman Returns in 3-D.  I can’t imagine how big the Imax screen must be as the regular cinema that we were in was much bigger than back home with steep stadium style seating.

They actually have a Burger King and Pizza Hut inside the cinema complex so you don’t have to smuggle your hot food in under your shirt – they actively encourage it (with inflated prices of course).

Now on to the movie.  I’m a big fan of Edward Norton so its no suprise that I enjoyed the film.  Norton plays Eisenheim, a brilliant stage magician, who falls out of favour with the local police and crown prince over Dutchess Sophie von Teschen (Jesscia Biel).

A good mix of magic, mystery and romance that made for a very enjoyable film. I’d strongly recommend seeing this (is it out in Aus yet?).

– Simon

7 thoughts on “The Illusionist”

  1. Hey guys!

    The Illusionist is not out here yet – in fact a release date hasn’t been announced. btw, I saw the Al Gore doco An Inconvenient Truth tonight. Gem I know you’ll love it, it really does make you think hard about what we can do to reverse global warming. I also saw Clerks 2, Simmo you like Kevin Smith films right? If you do you must see it – its gold!



  2. Clerks 2 has alreay been and gone over here. We will probably get it hire it on DVD soon. We watched the original clerks a few weeks ago and it wasn’t as funny as it I found it 5+ years ago.


  3. Hi Gem & Simon,

    Couldn’t sleep, thought I’d have a look at your blog…….finally. It’s great, looks like you’re having a top time. Take care and will be checking your blog regularly!



  4. Hey guys, Dan here AKA Kyles. Back from East Timor AGAIN. I have had a quick squizz at you blog and its great to hear that your both having such a good time.
    I have a quick product review for you and anyone else out there in blog world that can read this.
    Review : Fantastic bit of kit if you are stuck in a third world country with nothing to do to relieve the bordom of what was a very tedious trip. Holds more music than you could listen to in 20 sittings. Ease of use is fantastic with good menus and that wheely thing is a great idea. Power source is good amd lasts 3-4 days of moderate use. It should however come with a 240 volt charger as standard as there are not many computers in ET but you can get a hold of power every now and then.
    Overall a good bit of kit except when your brother wipes all of your music and puts his wedding music on it. Good paperweight though. Not much use for paperweights in East Timor.
    You have to come home some time.


  5. What don’t you like Dean Martin? Ha ha ha

    Tour of Duty would have been so much better with a theme song like ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ instead of ‘Paint it Black’ anyway.

    Glad to hear your home and safe and I’m sure by the time I’m back this will have all washed over.




  6. Hey Jill,

    Good to hear from you, hope you are all well, behaving yourself on the bikes!

    Oh and Dan… it was my fault, the eternal quest to inject a bit of civilisation in to our defence force! If we can’t spend money on education perhaps we can educate our defence in the fine art of jazz and swing. If you were there any longer I was going to send you prints of some of the great art works of the renaissance period to hang up at the barracks.

    Look forward to having a chat over the next day or so, once you have settled in a bit

    (Big welcome back hug)


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