Trekking in Tibet

williamjans2.jpgNo, Gemma and I haven’t decided to follow Derek and Sue into Asia, but a perk of working at Vistek has finally popped its head.  A gentleman by the name of Willam Jans has been in our store a few times over the last week.  He is a well known photographer, famous for the image to the right which has been used in many Canon advertisments. 

Jans had been promoting his multimedia shows with some leaflets in our store and when the Saturday evening show did not sell out he came in and gave out 4 tickets.  Two went to other colleagues and one each for Gemma and I.

Not knowing exactly what to expect we rocked up to the Calgary Libray Theatre and took our seats for what turned out to be a very inspiring presentation.  Jans is an amazing photographer with stunning images of Laos, Tibet and Mt Everest (which he climbed to advance base camp 4 – 6500 metres).  Jan is also a great story teller.  He captures your attention and lets you experience the rickety Lao Air plane with him and makes you thankful that you don’t have to experience the parasite infections and altitude sickness.

On a technical side (for Dad and Derek), Jans still uses film (Kodak Ektachrome slide film) and due to weight limitations shot only 65 36exposure rolls in the two and a half months of this trip.  For this reason he is very particular with how he uses his film and if he can not get a perfect shot in 1 or 2 attempts he will not even try.  For example the above image was captured in a single shot, no motor drive used.  Fairly impressive and an ability that will no doubt be lost with the impact of digital.

Seeing a 90lb backpack that contained only two changes of clothes gives perspective to our adventures in Canada. While Tibet and Southern China would be amazing to see, I don’t think we would approach it in the same way Jans did.   However we have been inspired when next we travel to put ourselves out a little more in order to bring back more unique memories.  Unfortunatley the most unique place we plan to see on our tour was probably Alaska which has come and gone.  Oh well, we can still tell of the fisherman and our herbal conversation.


3 thoughts on “Trekking in Tibet”

  1. Great opportunity well taken to hear the story and see the photographs.
    I wouldn’t assume that because you have finished with Alaska that opportunities for great shots and good stories to go with them are passed. Remember that your conversation with the fisherman recorded early in the blog came about because you left the group and walked about on your own. Also anything to do with cold and ice are almost as foreign to Aussies as Everest and you will have plenty of opportunity for cold and ice.


  2. I agree with Gary every day has the ability to present a unique experience. I have a few emails from someone who has spent 5 weeks in Italy, i would agree she had some pretty unique experiences, while not always pleasant it was a good read and encouraging to know, even in my age group,you can still have adventures in foreign lands. xxx


  3. Simmo,

    Wish I was there. 🙂 As far a unique experiences go, I reckon you and Gemma should pack your bags and hitch a ride up North to Greenland… That’d be a unique experience 🙂


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