Dans back, and in fine form

dan.jpgWell my brother Dan has been back from East Timor for no more than a week and he is back in form already. 

I’m not sure what look he was going for here – kind of looks like a bad guy from a clint eastwood fim only more ridiculous.

Good to have you back Dan.  And thanks for the Ipod review.






8 thoughts on “Dans back, and in fine form”

  1. I will tell you what is cool.Cranking moustaches that you can twirl. Thats cool!!

    But jeolousy, now that aint cool man. Not cool. Not cool.


  2. So far this blog has been characterised by high quality photographs and interesting pseudo travel journalism with occasional forays into cooking exploits.
    This time we have a self portait taken with a camera phone with atrocious lighting and a very odd point of view! What a backward step.
    By Daniel’s own admission that moustache took a couple of hours of twirling a day when my tax dollars could have been chasing Osama!
    And then Daniel’s “boss”, while briefing the sergeants on getting the men “cleaned” up to come home, looks straight at my son so he shaves it off before heading for Darwin.
    I’m at the airport waiting to recognise a moustache on legs coming throught the gate and it was just Daniel. The disappointment to find all that growing time wasted!
    Next time get a proper camera with a self timer and a least pose yourself in an environment without fluoro lights.


  3. TIPS FOR YOUNG PLAYERS NOTED. As far as Osama goes they will probably send me to look for him next year. When Johnny wants a job done right…


  4. Well with Blair gone and Bush on his last term here’s hoping Johhny wont have a job for much longer!

    Anyway, there are far more productive things to do than chase shadows – like growing a mullet maybe…


  5. Well I’m disappointed that the moustache has evidently disappeared. Gents now days don’t take enough care with their appearances and there is nothing more dashing than a young man with a handlebar moustache I say – I was getting a recommendation for moustache wax ready! Oh well after pondering the appearance of young men these days I feel the need for a lie down and G&T – as always
    The Hummingbird.


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