Calgary in Fall


Bow River Calgary
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

After a leisurely day at home Simon and I decided to head out in the late afternoon across the 14th St Bridge for a stroll along the river. We are now in Fall and as you can see the trees have turned red and orange and the ground has a decent covering. The city looks quite pretty underlined by the river and trees and it is only a 5min walk from our place. I think Simon and I shall make this a regular evening walk (until it gets too cold of course).

Head on to Flickr where we have posted a few more photos which give a good idea of how pretty the trees are along the Bow River Walkway.

3 thoughts on “Calgary in Fall”

  1. Like the shot with Simnon in the beanie – you have managed to cover up the staple marks very well (Gemma threatened to staple this beanie to his ears, since he lost his first one somewhere in Alaska!).
    The final shot with the falling leaves is great. The one with the handheld camera focused on you both shows what a wide angle lens can do too very closeup noses!
    Current temperature here at 7 pm would be 18 degrees. Warm enough at 7.30 in the morning for Bradley and I to swim at Cronulla North on Sunday. Sunhats not beanies needed here


  2. Glad you like these better than the photo in the last post. After reading your comment we thought we’d better compensate with some better subjects than a solider and his soup strainer.


  3. Thanks for the updated duo photo, I can now update my back ground, especially since we are coming out of winter, a glacier is not appropriate any more. XXX


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