Calgary Hitmen vs Kamaloops Blazers


Hitman fight
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

I know I said we wouldn’t go back to the Saddledome for another gig but this is a bit different. Friday night we went and saw our first live Hockey match, thanks go to my colleague Chris for getting us tickets.

We tried to get tickets to see an NHL game but couldn’t as they sold out so settled for this WHL junior league game. We don’t know any of the players so it didn’t make much difference anyway.

The WHL is a development league for the national hockey league and is much like the Rugby Colts I played in back home but with far more money involved. It seems amazing that a junior division can attract a crowd of what I guess would have been 8,000 odd and have tickets prices of up to $25. The games are even televised!

Back to the game, Unfortunately the Hitmen lost 3-2 but it was an exciting game. The highlight being the fight that broke out mid game. Unlike any Australian sport, inorder to have a go at someone the players first take off their helmet and gloves. This gives an almost orchestrated look to the fight which ended with the two players smothered by 3 refs (see photo) followed by some quality time in the penalty box.

Oh and there was the kid that copped a stick to the head… nice wound there.

The strange thing was though, the sound was very good. Far better than the Black Eye Peas concert. Could it be that a junior hockey team has a better sound engineer than an International pop group?

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