One thought on “It's snowing!”

  1. Hey guys!

    I’ve been keep track with the Blog, but thought maybe I should enter the world of ‘correspondence’.

    Everything looks like it’s going well. Love Dan’s moustache… You gunna try for that Simmo?

    Real pity about the BEP concert!

    I’ve killed my blog site – so might wanna kill from the Blogroll.

    Anywayz guys, catchup (via email, I dont suddenly have a ticket to Canadia :))


    PS I’m babysitting some Canadians at the moment. Its quite fun. (They are 25 so not really babysitting – more like tour guiding….) Everyone keeps asking where abouts in America they are from…. They don’t seem to enjoy that aspect. Especially when someone asked them if they voted for Bush 🙂 haha


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