Happy Birthday to us

Our laptop bag

Originally uploaded by simmogem.

Well it is the morning after and while a little bit of birthday euphoria still lingers I thought I ought to write home about our big 25 birthday. It started with a 7:30am phone call from Mum and Kimberley and was followed by eggs and ham on toast and present opening!

Simon and I bought each other new warm jackets for our impending move to Toronto (you can see Simon modelling his on Flickr), also a travel game of battleship, a world clock, a new touque (beanie) and some hankies. All important gifts for backpack travellers!

Our day was very relaxing, we headed to Lougheed house for lunch and then to Cafe Beano for a cappaccino and a peanut butter and choc chip cookie (birthday cake substitute).

p.s. Thanks Mum for the new laptop bag


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to us”

  1. It sounds as though you celebrated your 25th birthdays with food. I am sure this post will attract the usual high comment total as most of your foods posts do.
    I am pleased you both were able to make a special occassion without your family and friends around you. The laptop bag looks good.
    xxxx mum


  2. Happy Birthday Gemma and Simon !!!!
    sounds like u both enjoyed the day. We were thinking of you both, I even ate some cake for you lol
    Petes up at Indy for 5 days so as you can imagine he is still enjoying his lol
    cool and raining here today so its a good day to relax and watch DVD’S talk soon xoxoxox


  3. I was waiting for Daniel (in his guise as Kylie!) to comment on the haircut. Starting to look like the early high school pictures but still better than skin head military look with handle bar moustache!


  4. Even though birthdays are really a bourgeois indulgence, best wishes to the both of you.

    And well done on the NY question!

    I’ve actually never heard the original by Ian Tyson, but Neil’s versions on his Comes a Time album, and the recently released Heart of Gold DVD are well worth a listen or two.




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