Calgary Zombie Walk

Calgary Zombie Walk

Originally uploaded by simmogem.

On the 14 October Calgary was overtaken by the walking undead for a few hours. Quite a scary site as initially we had no idea what was going on. Apparently this was the second annual Calgary Zombie Walk. I have searched and searched but there doesn’t really seem to be a reason or cause for this but around 500 Calgarians were motivated by something to climb from their graves and wander the city.

A few observations:

Female readers – if you pass on wearing fishnet stockings your chances of roaming the city screaming ‘brains’ increases dramatically.

Scientists (I’m not sure if this includes science teachers) seem to also be over represented. Something to do with experiments going wrong I guess.

The zombie seen here was the only one polite enough to stop and pose for a photo but there are tons more on Flickr. The efforts some went to with make up and props is worth a look.


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