Goodbye Chintz

Chintz front counter

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Saturday was my last shift at Chintz and Co. and whilst I was pleased to get off my feet I am a little sad to be leaving. A very different job to my one back home that’s for sure, and not one I could do for the rest of my working life but one I certainly have had fun in over the last three months.

Chintz added a little sparkle and tizz to my time in Calgary and helped me get in touch with the home decorator within. I never expected I would get so excited over the unveiling of a new vase or the debut of gourmet pesto, but at Chintz its hard not to get caught up in it all darlings.

But alas it is time to move on, so with a few purchases tucked under my arm I walked one last time through the store just to be sure my displays where in order, the staff where behaving (yeah right) and to commit to memory the colour, shine and pizazz of Chintz..

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Chintz”

  1. Gem there will be a few sad goodbye’s before you are back home again. This will be a fond memory i am sure. You seem to have made some special friends in what looks and sounds to be a unique store.xxxx


  2. I miss you terribly at Chintz, especially during my daily searches for items improperly tagged. We all miss you.

    Your little gathering at the pub was fun and it was great to finally met Simon.

    Hope you enjoy your winter in Toronto.


  3. Thanks Joe, enjoyed being your table top gohper – go for this, go for that, maybe that is why I feel such an attachment to the little guy in our last blog!

    By the way I can see right through your last line – that little sing song voice saying ‘I told you so’ will be heard all the way in Toronto on our first -40 degree day don’t you worry about that.

    Thanks for the advice on the jackets though and I look forward to more of your comments – will ease the loss of your witty repartee while I work.



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