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Calgary Zoo – Gopher

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I should probably have titled this ‘Simon borrows a D200 from Vistek’ as thats no doubt going to feature more in the content.

So…yeah… Gemma and I went to the Calgary Zoo on Sunday and there was lots of animals…. Back to the camera…. droool!

Vistek kindly allows staff to borrow the rental equipment overnight for nothing if it isn’t wanted by a customer. If you grab something on a Saturday afternoon you can have it all day Sunday too as the store isn’t open.

I grabbed a Nikon D200 camera and Nikon 80-200mm 2.8 lens worth well over $4000 Australian dollars in total with intentions of shooting some kids at the skate park on Sunday afternoon (shooting the camera that is). Gemma suggested we visit the zoo instead which turned out to be a much better idea.

I like to think I know a little about photography and how to take a good photo but a camera like this and fast glass lens could make anyone a Pro. The depth of field, colour reproduction, speed of auto focus is amazing… makes me want to pull out the credit card just thinking about it. I’ve only put a few images up on flickr as they take a while to upload and our internet connection hasn’t been to fast lately.

I guess I should mention something about the zoo while I’m here too. The photos of owls and numerous other birds I took were only possible as you are allowed to walk (unsupervised) through the averies, metres from large birds of prey. I commented to a co-worker today that you could reach out and touch some of them if it wasn’t for the fear of having your eyes scratched out or hand torn off.

While the African, Australian and other foreign (to Canada) displays were fairly typical of other zoo’s, we very much enjoyed the Canadian display with Elk, Bison, various birds and finaly our first Moose sighting. Well mainly it was a moose’s arse but a moose none the less.

Well I’m off to bed now, going to dream about D200s and other expensive camera equipment.


8 thoughts on “Calgary Zoo”

  1. It is cheap to dream Simon, it’s reality that gets expensive. I am glad you had the chance to enjoy the thrill of such a camera,I look forward to viewing the photo’s you took. xxxx


  2. I love the zoo. Just wish the admission wasn’t so high. As for the aviary, I was more concerned for the bird getting out than one of them attacking. I suppose Canadians are very trusting that guest don’t try and pet the owls. I have never seen a news story of “Zoo Guest has Eyes Pecked Out”.

    Now that you have seen a moose you should try and taste some. Back home in Newfoundland, it is a big thing to apply for a moose license and once you get it, go hunting. It’s not something you buy in a grocery store.

    Oh, pictures look great. Where are the pictures of the Canadian wildlife?


  3. I have heard the cries and I have done something about it – the Lawrence Foundation – raising money for photographers forced to use substandard SLR’s and Digital Cameras.

    By the Year 2020 no Australian photographer will live in poverty, with your help they will not be subjected to last year’s model.

    Sorry guys – I guess if you dont take photos, you just don’t get it.


  4. What an unfair misquote of Robert J Hawke, Gemma. That’s the problem with living in the eye of the public isn’t it? Most of can get away with only our friends remembering our idiotic statements, not the whole world.
    Now I think Simon and I are being most reasonable in agreeing to share a camera. Mine will get “professional” use on the 11th November when I am the wedding photographer for Stuart and Rebecca. I will email you a photo to put on the BLOG.


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