Return to Peyto

Peyto panorama – winter
Originally uploaded by simmogem.

Long ago Gemma and I had decided that we wanted to return to Peyto lake and see it in the winter. We were so awestruck with Peyto lake the first time that we had to see the contrast of the change in seasons. I’ve even had a 12×24 inch print made from the last photos I took (has that arrived home yet dad?).

Now it is actually only Autumn at the moment but after hiking through snow 2 feet deep in places I don’t believe we could have seen it at all if we had waited any longer. Not only was the walk more difficult but it was also longer due to the top carpark being closed.

The trail to the lookout used last time was well and truly covered with snow. Another group had obviously tried to make it earlier in the day but turned around as we followed their footprints most of the way before making our own trail to the rocks that we had eaten lunch at a few months ago.

Without the blue sky and with much less visability due to the falling snow the photos aren’t quite as impressive as last time but I’m very glad we drove the extra distance and battled through the snow. I’m also very proud of Gemma who every 12 meters told me we should turn back as it was too dangerous and even threated me with ‘If my mum knew what we were doing’. She made it in the end though and I think is gratefull for me dragging her along.

Here is a link to the same photo taken a little over forr months ago for those that would like to compare.


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