The Hire Car

So what does $17 per day get you?

A newish Doge CaliberThe Dodge Rental






Capable of climbing steep Canadian mountiansRental Car in mountains 







that can also be used as a esky or as the locals say ‘icebox’
Our Car


Perfect for all road conditions, including a new one to us Australians… stupid crazy blizzard.

And I only tried to get in the passanger side twice and put the windscreen wipers on instead of the blinker about half a dozen times.  We had a great weekend away though, I hope you enjoyed reading about it.


One thought on “The Hire Car”

  1. Hey all, Well being a Ford lover i would get a Ford. But for $17 what more would you expect. As long as you could some cirlce work in it i would be happy. Still looks like a heap of fun. Dan’s away again till December, but you get that. Continue to have fun for me and chat to you guys soon.

    All my love


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