Scarborough Bluffs


Contrary to our last topic of the Toronto Path, today Gemma and I ventured out into the cold to visit Scarborough Bluffs roughly 10km east of where we live on Lake Ontario.

A short walk from the bus stop took us to the top of the bluffs where on a clear day you can see across the lake to the USA.  Today was very much overcast, hovering just below 0 degrees C. 

Here we walked across the top which has a (frozen) park and walking trail where you can see the marina and man made land formations below but we really wanted to get to the bottom where we would be able to appreciate the height off the cliffs (~65m).  So we found a comparitively mild decending trail complete with icy mud where we were able to scamper down.

Once down we were able to take some photos, have a wander around and catch our breath.  There is some kind of water treatment at the base of the bluffs for the areas stormwater using a series of man-made inlets, filters and mangroves of some sort.

By this time it was about 3pm and we were getting a little hungry (we thought there might have been somewhere for lunch at the marina but as with a lot of things it is closed over winter) so we headed off.  Not being game to return the way we came we walked along the roadside up the very steep incline and I’d estimate another 3-4km’s before finding a Subway to quench our hunger pains.  The manager was shocked to hear where we had walked from, probably more so by the conditions than the distance.


3 thoughts on “Scarborough Bluffs”

  1. Sounds like a good walk in the conditions – probably an opportunity for a modest Australian couple to let the manager know that you are experienced walkers in “Australian Alpine Conditions” – well at least Simon has trekked in our Snowy Mountains, which probably qualify as foothills in Canada.


  2. Hi Simo and Gemma! Guess what..Luke and I are coming to Canada in April and doing a tour around the rockies then up the Inside Passage of Alaska! I checked out your blogs and photos when you both were there– AWESOME! We are both so excited. Any tips on what good day trips to do in Alaska, we stop at Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. Already planning to go kayaking at Douglas Island. We would love any inside info or recommendations from you. Hope all is going great for you both. Thanks.. Alison


  3. Hi Alison. Great to hear your planing to go to Canada and Alaska – you will love it!

    I will write up some tips for you in an email rather than put it on here so check there shortly.



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