Ozflix Film Festival


This post and the one to come next week will probably give you the impression we are getting a bit home sick.  Mabye we are a little, it has been 8 months.

In searching for something to do on Australia day, Gemma stumbled across the Young Australian Canadian Association webpage.  While they didn’t have much to offer for Australia day, there was a competition to win two weekend passess to Ozflix, the Australian Film Festival in Toronto, which she won by simply answering what was the name of the Fighting unit in the movie Kokoda.

So how was it?

The first thing that was apparent to me (and an elderly couple that left within 3 minutes of the first movie) was the language used in almost every movie was pretty foul.  I saw Arj Barker (comedian) a year or two ago and I now know where he was comming from when he called Australia the “Swearingist country in the world”.  Having not been exposed to this for a while it was a bit of a shock and while I’m sure a few Aussies would read this and with there best Alf Stewart impersonation proclaim “Stone the flamin’ crows, too right we are” or similar, based on the reactions of a few viewers I don’t think this is something we should be proud of.

That aside, we saw some very interesting films ranging from ‘2:37’ a drama surounding the suicide of a school girl with a tarantinoesque mixed timeline, a series of short films about and by Aboriginies called ‘Corroboree’, another series of short documentary style films and the two crowd pullers ‘Kenny’ and ‘Boytown’.

I’m not sure what press Kenny has received back home already but I couldn’t recommend this film enough.  A mockumentary following the life of a lovable employee of a portable toilet business catering for Australias largest festivals.  Brilliantly scripted with one liners that are sure to become common speak (‘sillier than a bum full of smarties’ or ‘Busier than a one-armed bricklayer in Baghdad’) if the film gets the airplay it deserves.  Following the film we were also able to see the man himself as Kenny addressed the crowd in costume.  I think many people were confused but one lady in particular could not grasp that Kenny was an actor who just delivered an incredbily believable performance.  I’m sure they could easily pull off a Borat style masquerade if they wished to.

Being big fans of Mick Malloys ‘Crackerjack’ we were very eager to see his latest offering ‘Boytown’.  While it was entertaining it was defintely overshadowed by Kenny from the night before.  Lead by Glenn Robbins, 5 aging men rekindle their former pop-star status as the original boy band, Boytown, with songs aimed at their matured audience such as ‘Stay at home Dad’, ‘Parent Teacher Night’ and ‘Cellulite Lady’.  A lot of fun but I couldn’t help but think it was like The Wiggles for adults.  Wait for this one to come to TV.

We really enjoyed the festival, especially some of the films we had only seen in order to fill time between others and it is a great way to avoid the cold.  But after about 14 hours in a cinema over 3 days don’t expect any more film reviews for a while.


2 thoughts on “Ozflix Film Festival”

  1. I do like the sound of Kenny, i get that busy sometimes As for the smarties thats what i thought of you, you know first impressions, but things have changed now, More like Mars Bars.
    Dell Ps “no replies children watch this site”


  2. Dad,

    Not quite sure what you meant here, but rather than get you to explain the signifigance of Mars Bars, let’s put it down to your weird sense of humour!

    p.s. will you keep signing off as ‘Dell’ now that Gazbo has one, could get confusing.


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