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This morning we woke up to find that Toronto had got its first real snow storm of winter. Waiting for the bus (and streetcar) is a very different experience here in Toronto when you are 15cm deep in snow!

It was cold too, minus 14 degrees, brrrr.

p.s. there are some pictures on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Brrrr”

  1. Looks fine, warm and dandy…..

    Gem – you make an awesome Eskimo.

    Simmo… you make an awesome terrorist (get you some black goggles mate, your nearly there).


  2. It’s an Inuit Dwyer – we are very pc on this blog, and I am concerned that your comment regarding Simon is going to cause us some problems at the US border, they’re a bit funny about the ‘T’ word.

    Now that I have fully critiqued your comment, it’s good to hear from you and I hope you are going well.

    Did you get along to the cricket last weekend? We got a roudy voice message from Degrassi and Pete but I couldn’t hear you in the background. It sounded like a good time had by all – especially the Poms, I really should have been there.



  3. Now , Now Daughter you have mixed messages here … all in the one comment Dwyer is non PC for “eskimo” and you are proudly “Pom” last weekend (don’t mention the cricket! Oh dam, I did).
    I saw Dwyer at the gym yesterday (he works out with Hilton Bergsted, ex Gymea, now on the gym staff. Do you guys know Hilton, I forget whether he was in your school year? Daniel mentioned this image and entry. He was, I though most inappropriate in referring to you Gem to me as a “cute eskimo” and Simon as a “terrorist” – such sexist stereotyping and from him with his legal training .. definitely deserves to be sued.
    Canada gets a big mention in SMH in the Stay in Touch column under the heading “Canada Queues for Kenny” which I am sure you can read online. Mentions 70cm of snow after required toilet humor associated with frozen pipes so I can understand the need for warm gear.
    Keep warm you two.


  4. Didn’t you read that case with the marketing firm, its ok to use the phrase “pom”;

    ‘In December 2006 the Advertising Standards Board of Australia unanimously ruled that the word “Pom” was a part of the Australian vernacular and was largely used in “playful or affectionate” terms. As a consequence, the board ruled that the word did not constitute a racial slur and could be freely used in advertising’.

    Its so confusing isn’t it…

    The word ‘eskimo’ has been interpreted as ‘eaters of raw meat’, and most of the Native population in the Canadian Arctic find the phrase highly offensive. The origins (and original meanings) of Pommy, later shortened to Pom, are far more nebulous and contested, making it difficut to assess the level of ‘un-pc-ness’. Perhaps my Dad can wage into this discussion.

    Anyhoo, I guess given that Dwyer was using the term ‘eskimo’ in a ‘playful or affectionate’manner the moderator of this site could excuse its use.


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