Royal Canadian Air Farce

Imagine Full Frontal or Fast Forward with Canadian accents and you have Royal Canadian Air Farce. Not having seen the show, Simon and I grabbed ourselves a couple of free tickets and went along to watch the filming of the second last episode in the show’s 13th series.

Like most skits shows, one or two of the pieces produced hearty laughter but the rest earnt a mere chuckle. Admittedly, a few of the jokes went completely over my head, a result of not having been fully immersed in Canadian history and culture I guess, but we got most of the political jokes.

What I really enjoyed was watching all the behind the scenes action. Sets interchanging, cameras gliding past, teleprompters scrolling and a grumpy stage manager stalking up and down. The CBC building was also quite interesting, there were props all over the place and the walls were lined with some very famous faces, John Candy, Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Martin Short… and the list goes on.

An intersting night and a bit of a laugh as well



2 thoughts on “Royal Canadian Air Farce”

  1. You two are certainly taking the opportunities to do some interesting and different things. I guess winter time forces you indoors and, being away from home, even when you are working, you have more time – none of those time consuming families and friends!
    I am planning on a visit to a TV studio myself next year. I am really keen on “Enough Rope” and am prepared to take pot luck on whoever Denton is interviewing at the time


  2. Actually Simon and I had mentioned ‘Enough Rope’as well, we couldn’t really think of any other shows that are produced in Sydney that would be good to see live. Might have to do some research on that one.

    I would suggest The Footy Show, but let’s face it, if we wanted to watch a team of football yobbo’s acting like twits we could go down to Northies on any given Saturday night, it’s really not worth the trek to North Sydney.

    Given your latest foray into movie making you would have really enjoyed the night, lots of BIG cameras!


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