CN Tower

Canada may only ever receive a participation award in the Cricket World Cup but they can be proud to have held the record of being home to the tallest free standing structure in the world for over 30 years. Following our last day of work we went to check it out.

Similar in design to Sydney’s Centre Point Tower, CN Tower is far more impressive, measuring 553m, while Centre Point is a measley 309m (external view here)  . Suprisingly, construction finished on the Canadian tower in 1976, 6 years earlier than Centre Point. I would have thought Sydney could have gone the 200 odd extra metres to beat their Canadian counterparts.

While a very touristy place to visit we are glad we went, especially since it gave us a different perspective of the neighbourhoods we have become familar with. It gives a great vantage point to see Yonge St, the longest street in the world, stretching into the distance towards Lake Simcoe, and also allows you to really appreciate the size of Lake Ontario.

There is a resturant at the top (although it doesn’t revolve), a small section of glass flooring and plenty of windows. Unfortunately the windows were either very grubby or have lights behind them causing bad reflections for the camera. I’ve had a quick attempt at cleaning a few photos up but they’ll never be masterpeices.

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