Back on the road

It was a grey and rainy morning in Toronto so we were very thankful to Boris (landlord’s son) for driving us into the Toronto bus station for our five hour journey to Ottawa. Not much to note about the bus trip so shall skip straight to our arrival.

We arrived safely in Ottawa around 2:30pm, a little nervous however as neither of us had bothered to check how to get from the bus terminal to the hostel. No need to worry as a fellow traveller overheard our predicament and helped us find our way.

The hostel is the Old Carelton County Jail, operating from 1862 to 1972 and was the site of Canada’s last public hanging. The jail was closed as it’s conditions were deemed inhumane for Canada’s worst crimials, despite this it is considered fit for budget minded foreigners.

With the day dwindling away we took a stroll around Ottawa to familarise ourselves and stopped at the Byward Market for a COffee and a Beavertail (a deepfried pastry shaped like a beaver’s tail covered in cinnamon and sugar – mmm yum).

Off to bed early though as we have a big day tomorrow exploring Parliament Hill, the National gallery amoung other things.

On that note, we will now be adding content on a much more regular basis. Be sure to check in on us as we hope to post once a day.



4 thoughts on “Back on the road”

  1. Surely some ungenerous foreigner is going to respond by suggesting that the best place for an aussie to start a trip is in gaol Gem – maybe I just beat them to it.


  2. Far better to start it in jail than to end it there!

    After readng this morning’s Herald we are a little concerned that the Canadian’s may freeze our profits from the blog…


  3. Hello again,

    I dont mind where you stay as long as you have a great time and PLEASE bring me back some of those Beavertails… they sound like they could cure my 9am munchies…. i am still counting down the days till i get to see you guys again.. looking forward to it. Take care and have a Beavertail or two for me..


    Kyles (oh and Dan his home again till 29th April) xooxox


  4. Hey Kyles,

    I thought of you again today as we wandered through the Byward Market, there were a few vendors with all their maple syrup goodies!

    Say hi to Dan, Brad and Immy

    Love Gem

    p.s. no update on Dan’s hair I see, does that mean he came back mo-less this time?


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