Farewell Toronto

Our time in Toronto has been a collage of fun, warmth and laughter. The faces you see here are just a few of the many who have welcomed us into the heart of the city and made us feel right at home. I was a little intimidated by taking on Canada’s largest city but the locals have taken us into their homes and made sure we were well looked after.

Toronto is a city of many personalities, it is cosmopolitan with a fast paced nightlife, but has a softer side in the small suburban areas of The Beaches, Little Italy and Greektown. From the grungy colour and art of Kensington to the history of Corktown and Yorkville, each of them have had an impact on us over the last four months and we shall miss reveling in them on the street car ride into town or during Saturdays whiling away the hours.

But alas, there is a whole wide world out there to explore and we have plans to see a little of it before we head home to our own big city of Sydney. We will not forget the friends we have made no matter what other wonderful places we see and we look forward to welcoming them to our home if they ever visit Australia.


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