Musem of Civilisation

To ensure we can answer any questions regarding Canadian history you may have when we return, today we visited the Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

The museum is three floors in total and gives a great overview of Candian history and culture. The first floor covers the history of the First Nations People – Inuits and Canadian Aboriginals (not Eskimoes and Indians), with lots of carvings, artwork and information on how European settlement affected their lives and culture. The second floor currently has a feature on the history of Ice Skating/Hockey and a display of Canadian craft.

The third floor has recreated scences from different Eurpoean settlements begining with the Vikings, the Arcadians and the French and British whalers. A series of displayes also showed the battles beween the British and French colonised areas culminating in the Treaty of Paris which ceded New France to Britain.

The frozen river you see in this photo also forms the border betwen Ontario and Quebec meaning Ottawa has as much in common with Albury-Wodonga as it has with Canberra. We crossed two of the six briges spaning the border today.

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