Parliament Hill

Standing regally over the Ottawa River, Canda’s Parliament House is the foundation of the capital and an architectual art work. The Hill has three blocks, the most prominent, Centre Block, houses the Federal Parliament and the Library of Parliament.

Tours run regularly so we joined one for a behind the scenes look at the Senate, the Library and the Peace Tower. Unfortunatley the Parliament building was destroyed by fire in 1916, however the Library was saved and is all that remains of the original building that was completed in 1878.

The Library was my favourite part of the Parliament, however we were not able to take photos. Simon did capture a great shot of the Senate and you can check it out of Flickr.

We also rode the lift up into the Peace Tower to a viewing platform below the clockface for a bird’s eye perspective of Ottawa and also caught a bit of debate in the House of Commons.


2 thoughts on “Parliament Hill”

  1. Hi i realy liked the photo of the Senate room what a shame you could not take photos of the rest of the building it would have been pretty impressive Dell.[comma for Simon]


  2. Glad you like it Brian, the Senate room wasn’t as impressive as either the Library or House of Commons. Mabye they were trying to prevent me getting a photo of Stephen Harper (PM) during a bad hair day?


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