National Gallery of Canada

When you go to someone’s home you can tell a lot about them by the pictures that are hanging on their walls, so what better way to get an appreciation of Canada by checking out its taste in art!

The National Gallery of Canada has three floors covering various styles of art including, but not limited too, Contemporary, European, Inuit and Canadian. The title photo is titled ‘Trans-Am Apocalypse No. 2’ and was featured amongst the Contemporary collection. The Pontiac has been inscribed with the Book of Revelations and stands as the contemporary mode of transport for the apocolyptc horsemen. I shall let you ponder the levels of meaning on this one. Whilst not my style, I prefered the Maritime inspired Candian art, it did appeal to the rev head within Simon.

Of worthy note was Van Gough’s ‘Iris’, painted in 1889, and the Asian stone carvings dating back to as early as the 5th century. My favourite works where the various portraits of early Canadian settlers and the marble statuettes.

The gallery is quite large and we did not see everything, however did get an appreciation for the different aspects of Canada’s cultural personality.

On the way to museum we stopped and had a look inside the Notre Dame Basilica. Quite a spectacular interior, I’m not sure how the congregation concentrates during mass.



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