Petite Champlain, Quebec City

From Montreal we travelled deeper into Canada’s history to the city of Quebec, three hours north east on the VIA Railway. Perched on a cliff-face overlooking the St Lawrence River, Quebec has retained much of its old world charm and bustling atmosphere.

The old part of Quebec, where we spent much of today, is made up of the Upper Town, contained within the city walls, and the Lower Town which wraps around water’s egde. The photo here is of North America’s oldest street, Petite Champlain, lined with houses dating back to the early 1600’s, now filled with cafes and art galleries.

Behind Petite Champlain, looking over the old port, is Maison Chevalier, a stately homed once owned by one of Quebec’s wealthy elite. There is a small lane behind the home which because of its close proximity to the waterfront, was regulary used by farmers and merchants to sell their wares. Looking out onto this lane from inside Maison Chevalier it doesn’t take much imagination to know it would have been a very lively place to live.

– Gemma

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