Citadel and Plains of Abraham

Today we had a leisurely walk around the The Plains of Abraham, the battle site of the British Army, Royal Navy and the French Army in 1759. After loosing a battle with the French in Nova Scotia earlier, the British focused its efforts on the St Lawrence River and the key city of Quebec, protected by fortified walls.

Cutting to the chase, the Britsh won a landmark victory providing a strong foothold to claim Canada for herself.

Some interesting side points. The French had intended to build a Citadel however, were denied funding by the French King of the time, Louis XIV. The citadel seen here was built by the British after they took control of the city and was designed in such a way as to join to the French built Enceinte (city walls).

The Quebec Confrences were held in the Citadel to decide on Stragery in World War II. Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King were in attendance.

The battlefields are now a park where many leisure activites take place, we were still able to see people cross country skiing today. The Citadel is the current base of the 22nd Regiment of the Canadian Forces.


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