18 hour train trip

Eighteen hours in a confined space is never easy, throw in a family with 3 young boys in the seats next to you and a frantic child down the aisle who’s tantrums where only matched by those of her mother and sleep is pretty much out of the question.

We left Quebec city at 9pm on a ‘shuttle bus’ (otherwise known as a taxi) to Charny station, about 30 minutes away. Quebec isn’t on the same train line as Halifax so this is a service offered by VIA Rail. They should select there drivers a little more carefully though as the ride was a bit scary.

The trains are pretty comfortable with plenty of leg room and as you can see from the photo we were well prepared, donuts and movies passed the time quickly. There was some beautiful scenery on the way as the railway follows the coast for much of the journey.

We arrived in Halifax at around 4:30pm with only a short walk to our hostel.  I hope I get used to sleeping on trains a bit better as we have plenty more coming up in Europe, although none quite as long as this.


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