Halifax, Nova Scotia

We arrived in Halifax at 4:30pm last night not really feeling like cooking after our 18hour train ride, we headed out in hunt of a good pub meal. Gemma’s colleagues are known to enjoy a schooner at a Chippendale local called The Duck and Swan so when we stumbled across The Thirsty Duck we took it as a sign. We had a great meal in there and the bartender even gave us a free welcome drink. Nice!

Not having planned anything, this morning we hit up the Tourist Information Centre and found a short walking tour of Halifax and saw a few old buildings, the Old Town Clock, another Citadel and a closed park which we were kicked out of by the grounds keeper.

In the afternoon we took a ferry ride across the harbour, by the way it is the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world (second to Sydney of course), to wander around Dartmouth and take the photo above.

The highlight of the day would have to be on our way back to the hostel when Gemma decided to stick her head into the Bank of Nova Scotia to inspect the interior decor. The bank was closing but a friendly gentleman asked if we would like to see inside. He knocked on the door and had the bank manager unlock it and let us in. Turns out this gentleman has a bit of sway here as he is Counsillor for District 11 – Halifax North End. We had a good chat with him and Larry the Bank Manager. Counsillor Murphy has invited us for tea tommorow morning, although we were planning to head off early.

Everyone we have encounted here thus far has been very pleseant. From the VIA Rail staff giving directions, the checkout lady at the grocery store and the stranger who thought we looked lost, the city seems relaxed and good natured. If only it wasn’t so cold!

Almost everyone has commented that we should have come here in summer, lots of tourist destinations don’t open til may or later. Mabye we should have started here and worked our way west, I could have worked restoring a tall ship… No use dwelling on what could have been, we’ll make the most of what time we have.


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