Lighthouse Route, Nova Scotia

Picture this, scenic coastlines, crashing waves, picturesque light houses. That is what we had planned for our drive from Halifax to Yarmouth, what we didn’t plan for is the ice-rain, 50km winds and 2 degreee tempreatures!

First stop was Peggys Cove, about 40 minutes from Halifax. You may recognise the lighthouse as it is very popular to tourists and photographers. With a year round population of only 40 it was not what I expected of such a well known spot. The houses where dotted across the rocky coast and fishing boats and lobster traps weathered on docks waiting for the summer.

We followed the Lighthouse Scenic route to Lunenburg a 200 year old fishing village and now a UNESCO Heritage site. Unfortunatley given the weather we were unable to take any good photos but the town is very quaint with its streets of colourful weatherboard homes and red fishing sheds. Whilst it was a larg fishing port and ship building town Lunenburg is now a haven for tourists, artisists and historians.

Our final destination Yarmouth is a more practical port for fishing and the car ferries from New Brunswick. It does not have the charm of Lunenburg or Peggys Cove but has just as much history. It is believed that the townsite was actually visited in 1007 by Leif Ericson (a Norse Explorer) and it was later settled in 1759 by the French. Our accommodation for the night is Churchill Mansion, perched on a hill overlooking Darling Lake and the Bay of Fundy. Built in the early 1900’s the home’s original owner has quite a heroic seafaring tale which can be read on the mansion’s website

– Gemma

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