Like four season in one day

Ok so we may not have seen any summer but we did get a glimpse of spring, a fair bit of fall and a good dose of winter. When we left the mansion the wind was blowing a gale but the sun was out and the waters of the lake were glistenting. About a half an hour down the road the clouds rolled in and the weather became quite chilly so that by the time we arrived in Digby (the scallop capital of Canada) it was well and truly winter, snow included!

The drive today, despite the weather, was beautiful. The Annapolis Valley is a series of rolling farms and apple orchards carved by the winding Annapolis River. Old timber homesteads of all different colours gazed over the crops and big barns added flashes of red throughout the valley. For lunch we stopped by the Bay of Fundy at Morden, where this picture was taken.

We spent the night in Wolfville at the Garden House B&B, and anyone who is planning a trip to Nova Scotia is urged to drop in on Brian and Lisa as their hospitality is wonderful. They have a lovely home, a friendly dog named Whiskey and Brian throws together a pretty good breakfast before you leave.

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