Snowed In – Charlottetown

Who’d a thought, spring and we get 30cm of snow!

This is what happened over our first night in Prince Edward Island and so in the morning our plans to drive along the beautiful North Coast of PEI were cancelled, replaced with a day of movie watching.

We did venture out for a coffee but after getting the car stuck once and a face full of snow (it was very windy) we decided to retreat back to where we were staying. Today the snow had stopped falling and whilst the roads were much improved it was still not ideal sightseeing weather. We headed back for Halifax and spent the evening preparing for tomorrow’s flight to New York, hopefully we wont get snowed in again.


3 thoughts on “Snowed In – Charlottetown”

  1. My fingers are a little bit cold after soughting through all the mystery meat in the freezer. Hahahahahaaaa. About 24 degrees today in Sydney. Dan of course.


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