Start spreading the news…

That’s right, we are off to New York. This is our little 39 seater American Eagle aeroplane bound for La Guardia airport. As you can see the weather has improved 100% and it was a beautiful day for flying.

The trip was two hours and whilst a little bumpy it did end with a fly over Manhattan Island which gaves us a good view of the major landmarks.

3 thoughts on “Start spreading the news…”

  1. Frank Sinatra! ???
    You do remember that he was persona non grata to the Australian Union movement after making some unpleasant comments about a lady journalist.
    I suppose some others sung that song but …..


  2. Iknow, I know, (for those who want to know the full story hire ‘The night we called it a day’, Dennis Hopper plays Frank Sinatra).

    Any suggestions for a new title?


  3. Two more PC suggestions ??

    From the Simon & Garfunkle concert in Central Park – the lyrics from A heart that lives in New York

    “New york, to that tall skyline I come, flyin in from london to your door
    New york, lookin down on central park
    Where they say you should not wander after dark

    New york, like a scene from all those movies
    But youre real enough to me, but theres a heart
    A heart that lives in new york

    A heart in new york, a rose on the street
    I write my song to that city heartbeat
    A heart in new york, love in her eye, an open door and a friend for the night

    New york, you got money on your mind
    And my words wont make a dimes worth a difference, so heres to you new york”

    Alternatively and thinking of a title from one of your early Canada posts there was the famous Paul Simon ad lib at the end of Track 2, Homeward Bound, on the Central Park concert album where he makes a little speech, which is most notable because he thanks the people selling loose joints, because they donated 50% of their profits to the city


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